Cobra Luna Stunt Car

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Product Description With wheels both top and bottom, wow your friends and family when you put the Cobra RC Toys Remote-Control Luna Stunt Car without Built-in Power through its paces! With its 360deg spins, and colorful, flashing LED lights, this toy will make the most of any indoor or outdoor space. The controller’s range is 25 ft. From the Manufacturer With one of these, you will learn to do Spiral Spins, Super Wheelies, Amazing Flip Overs and 360 degree flips, with ease. Equipped with LED light up wheels, the Luna Stunt Car will allow you to perform amazing feats that will wow and impress your friends. It has sturdy wheels, with great tread allowing it to be used on a number of surfaces both indoors and outdoors. The wheels have flashing lights which can be turned on and off to produce a spectacular floor show. This R/C Lunar car comes with a fully functional remote control and is ready to go straight out of the box; the car travels at super speeds thanks to its amazing electric turbo engine and has fantastic spinning action with a 360 degree spinning front axle. This car is approx 8.5′ long The Cobra Luna Stunt Car is suitable to all children from age three and up providing fun for adults too. It is very easy to operate and does not contain any small or fragile parts. Racing fun outside and ideal for those cold and rainy days to play inside. Requires 4 AA batteries, for the Stunt Car, and 1 9V battery for the remote.



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