Genius Art Sand Art Painting – Arts and Crafts Toys for Girls and Boys – This Set is for Kids Aged 3 and up – Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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Colorful Genius Art Sand Painting Arts and Crafts Kit – One of the Most Popular Sensory, Developmental and Fun Novelty Toys for 3 Year Olds and Above Introduction If you appreciate the benefits of art for your child, I am sure you would love the idea of getting your toddler, preschooler, or 5th grader the best sensory and educational toys that enable them to express their creativity. Sand art is a popular and well-admired activity that existed since the 20th century. And it’s amazing to know that this form of art has persisted to the extent of becoming a hobby for 3 year olds and above! Currently, Art Sand Painting is one of the best-selling toys shipped by Amazon. Interested about this great product for your child? Read on and discover what this top selling toy has to offer. If you’re ready, hop in! The Perfect Gift for Boys and Girls (And For The Whole Family Too!) Who says that sand art is exclusive for a particular gender or age? Although this Sand Art Painting Kit by Genius Art can be the perfect gift for kids regardless of the occasion, it can be a delightful surprise too for adults like your older sister or brother. Remember, there’s always a child inside a grown-up!A Mess-Free Experience Are you tired of cleaning up after your child’s mess especially during play time? I’m sure parents can relate to the hassle of tidying up those tidbits of crayons or clay that stick to furniture surfaces. Despite this, you know that your child needs to play.This Sand Art Painting Kit creates not only a fun, but also a mess-free experience for your child. As previously mentioned, this toy features a “mess prevent” tray where your child can freely color all the painting cards without leaving any unnecessary clutter.



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