Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer Track Set

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Product Description A rampaging dragon is attacking Hot Wheels city! With this thrilling track set, boys can speed their car to the rescue and destroy the vicious beast, but first they have to avoid the monster’s chomping jaws and “fireball” projectile! Lots of exciting, imaginative play for every Hot Wheels fan! Comes with one Hot Wheels die-cast vehicle. Save Hot Wheels City from the evil dragon! Dragon can shoot a “fireball” projectile or trap cars by clamping his jaws! A Hungry Monster Is on the Attack! There’s danger and adventure at every turn of this action-packed track set, which lets boys play out saving Hot Wheels city from a rampaging dragon! The scary, scaly creature is on the attack, so you have to speed the included Hot Wheels car to the rescue. If you survive the dragon’s “fire”-spewing, you face even more daunting challenges before you can finally destroy the savage beast. With so much drama and excitement, the Dragon Destroyer set generates hours of inventive storytelling and creative play. Avoid the Dragon’s Jaws and “Fireball” The speedway past the dragon is extremely treacherous! A diverter offers you two options – one path runs right by the monster, who just might trap you in his chomping jaws. Your other choice avoids the dragon’s massive mouth but makes you a target for his shooting “fireball.” This terrifying projectile can knock your car off the track and plunge you into a steep fall below! Even if you’re able to escape the dragon, you still have to navigate the tight curve featuring a hair-raising ring of “fire”! Try to Defeat the Vicious Beast! Once you make it to the bottom of the track, the real challenge begins. You’ve avoided being captured or crushed by the dragon, but can you finally defeat him and save the day? Load your car into the launcher, aim, push the button, and fire your vehicle to knock the dragon off his perch! Watch in triumph as he falls back and releases any trapped car in defeat. After the monster is slain, you can reattach the dragon to the track and create more legendary “fiery” battles! What’s In The Box? Track set includes removable dragon, truck-style launcher, one “fireball” projectile, and one die-cast vehicle. The Dragon Destroyer set generates hours of inventive storytelling and creative play! From the Manufacturer Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer Track Set: Dragons live strong in kids’ imaginations, and this one is attacking Hot Wheels City. Kids can send their vehicles racing past the dragon to try to save the day, but the path is dangerous. A diverter offers two options. One avoids the dragon’s chomping jaws but is still in the line of fire for the scaly monster’s shooting fireball. If he chooses to release the projectile, the car may get knocked off the track-and it’s a steep fall. Avoid the dragon, and vehicles must still navigate a tight curve made more hair-raising with a ring of fire. Make it to the bottom, and kids can load the car into the launcher. Aim it right, push the button and send the vehicle into the dragon to knock it from its perch. Another legendary beast is slain-simply reattach the dragon to the track, and the legend lives on. Set features removable dragon, truck-style launcher, a fireball and 1 die-cast vehicle. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles.



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