Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Auto Motion Speedway

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Product description Wall Tracks takes the racing fun to new heights by putting it on your wall, and now this Auto Motion Speedway set really gets things moving! Kinetic energy not batteries sends cars from the spinning loop to the treacherous track below. Try to maneuver all the hair-raising curves, past the rocking bridge and swinging pendulum before you can speed away. The more track sets and cars you add (each sold separately), the more you keep the mayhem and momentum going! The set includes one die-cast vehicle, but you can line up several on the loading ramp. Start the big wheel spinning it picks up cars as it rotates and dumps them onto the track below. Cars must navigate the turns and drop to the bridge, which then starts swinging, along with the pendulum hanging below! For the last leg, divert away from the wall, and a sloped ramp bends down from the weight and drops your car to the depths below! The Auto Motion Speedway is easy to assemble and safely attaches to the wall with the included Command strips from 3M. For more Hot Wheels fun, connect the Auto Motion Speedway to other Wall Tracks sets (sold separately) to create an entire car-powered world on the wall! What’s in the Box? Speedway set comes with one die-cast car, instructions with hanging template, and the safe-for-walls Command strips. Tons of racing adventures for every Hot Wheels fan From the Manufacturer Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Auto Motion Speedway Starter Set: Cars power this Hot Wheels Wall Tracks set for continuous action and a visual wow. Once loaded, cars set the top wheel spinning as they travel around and out onto the next leg. The track keeps moving as vehicles try to maneuver the turn, the bridge and the jump. Diverters add options to amp up the action. A hanging poster adds the perfect backdrop for the whirl of activity. The set connects to other Wall Tracks sets, sold separately, to create an entire car-powered world on the wall. Includes 1 die-cast car and safe-for-walls Command strips from 3M. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles.



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