Wow Toys Misty N Molly

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Molly is a little girl and Misty is her adorable spotted pony. They spend a lot of time together at Misty’s stable and having nice rides in the country together. When the day is done, Molly takes good care of Misty and makes sure that she gets a good dinner. Molly turns the rooster figure on the top of the stable to give Misty her oats and favorite carrot treats! In the morning, Molly opens the stable doors and jumps on Misty for a fun morning canter in the countryside. Misty ‘n’ Molly features Misty, a spotted pony with a blue saddle and Molly, a little girl in riding outfit with helmet and boots. Misty’s beautiful pink stable has a window and doors. Outside Misty’s stall is a water trough, a feed trough and a silo with a rotating feeder. When the rooster that perches atop the silo is turned, Misty’s food appears in her feed trough. WOW is a British company producing high quality plastic vehicles for pre-school girls and boys which do not require batteries. Excellent design, high grade materials & rigorous quality control make WOW toys extremely durable.



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